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Engaging Clients

Have you ever noticed how people in communities that are mobilized have an infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm that creates a winning team? Such teams have a ‘constructive urgency’ – a ‘we can do this’ attitude that fast becomes a company’s most valuable competitive weapon.

At mobilizing teams international, we help teams unlock this potential by creating tailor-made programs and events that are educational, practical, fun, anchored emotionally and deliver improved results.

Our energetic, international team draws on a variety of backgrounds and specialism to help create better performing, more agile working environments.

At mti we take the time to really engage with our clients to understand what energy levels are needed to succeed in todays VUCA world.

What we deliver enhances performance by lifting the level of engagement of individuals, teams and communities.

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotion”

Dale Carnegie

Designed and Delivered

Our success lies in the fact our team spends time getting to know your business, working hard to understand your organization’s wants and needs.

We have years of experience designing programs and events, which we the deliver ourselves.

We don’t put sales people in front of our clients. Our experienced coaches and educators are involved throughout the entire process. From initial contact to ascertaining your needs, then designing – in conjunction with you – creative solutions to your leadership development challenges, you’ll have the same familiar mti faces with you every step of the way – plus a few others brought in to add extra value during the program.

At mti, we tailor our events and programs accordingly to get the best results. We don’t deliver scripted events. Our clients demand a lot from us and we ensure we really drill down to understand the issues and get a handle on what our clients need.

Engagement is an
emotional commitment

Engagement is an emotional commitment that involves three human agendas: thought, behavior and emotion. When these three agendas come to together the result is a coherent, harmonized, synchronized, belief and people become engaged.

This isn’t a new way of thinking. Aristotle described it back in 365B.C. as logos, ethos and pathos.

At mti, we tailor-make our programs with these three pillars as the foundation of all we do. Successful events stimulate new thinking; encourage behavior experimentation and release new energy.

  • Engaging with strategy is about clear translatable thoughts, delivered with constructive language and behavior to create an emotional space where people are mobilized to engage in delivery.

    “Walking the talk”

    When leaders deliver cohesion between logos, ethos and pathos they display charisma. They embody the strategy, inspiring others to engage.

  • Did you know 80% of the culture of an organization is determined by the behavior of the leadership community? We assess culture by recurring language and behavior. There are “value building behaviors” and “value destroying behaviors”.

    “People follow behavior more than strategy”

    When behavior reflects strategy a virtuous circle is created, generating favorable results. When it does not, it’s a vicious circle and people become cynical about the strategy process.

  • Culture beats strategy every time. But this can be very positive or extremely negative.

    “Culture is what happens when no one is watching”

    It is positive when leaders “embody” strategy – becoming cultural beacons for others. Their behavior and language produce an emotional space that is the engine for execution.

MTi Case Study

One mti client, with over 100,000 global employees, has been coming back to mti for 20 years, for tailored leadership development events to help their leaders become more agile in responding to new landscapes. We help them create new business cultures that build and release energy throughout the organization.

Engaging Organisations

In today’s open economy, dominant business positions can be lost very quickly due to arrogance and complacency. mti is driven by a simple mantra: “ You don’t have to be ill to get better ”.

Organizations are defined not by their structure but what their people do.

When people have an emotional commitment to a business purpose beyond normal performance measures, they are emotionally committed to what they are doing and have a personal internal compass that enables speedy decisions and actions.

mti helps leaders to clarify their own purpose and to spread that purpose widely.

Many organizations measure the quality of engagement of their people, why?

Engagement is directly related to performance; when people are engaged they give more energy and knowledge unconditionally. Engaged people are mobilized to be constructively urgent.

The context people work in shapes behavior and context is formed through daily language and behavior.

In today’s open economy, dominant business positions can be lost very quickly due to arrogance and complacency. mti is driven by a simple mantra: “ You don’t have to be ill to get better ”.

Our programs and events

Our custom-designed programs and events set the table for success, creating a context where people feel confident that what they have enjoyed and applied in a program is exactly what will be delivered back at work.

Our leadership events stimulate the unlearning of inappropriate habits. After event support at work enables continued experimentation with behavior and language and this context change accelerates and stabilizes.

MTi Case Study

A major Nordic bank asked us to design and deliver a program for its top 200 leaders, which aimed to develop insight and skills to create high-performance client teams. This was a real collaboration. The design work involved the whole leadership team, while delivery was done primarily by mti but aided by development and HR people within the bank. In addition, these individuals were “skilled up” to carry on the work within the business after the program had concluded. This collaborative approach ensures everything learned during the program is carried on back in the workplace.

Engaging Teams

mti facilitates behavior and attitude change in teams, enabling them to become more agile in responding to new business landscapes.

We help teams create new business cultures that build and release energy throughout the organization because continuous change demands real-time agility.

Agile teams display an enquiring curious mind, behavioral flexibility and emotional commitment to navigate the messy reality of business, treating as normal what others would treat with panic.

Agile teams create a “safe place”, where people feel secure and confident as opposed to frightened and anxious. Here, people can address any issue presented or forced on them.

They “set the table for success” and build an emotional space/context that gives people the confidence to handle whatever comes through the door. Context shapes behavior and context is perceived through the daily behavior and language of others.

“The strength of the team is each individual. The strength of each member is the team”

Phil Jackson

MTi Case Study

One of the world’s biggest luxury goods groups called on our expertise to design and deliver an intervention for one of their major business functions. The function had become somewhat alienated from the rest of the business as people became defensive, feeling they had to protect themselves.

Through a process of interviewing, real-time observation and team coaching, the functional leadership team – with the help of mti – was able to start to identify the trigger points that were causing this behavioral drift into protectionism.

Over a period of eight months, at regular intervals, mti coaches attended, observed and gave feedback at meetings, community events and daily business proceedings. This helped the executives to adjust their behavior to engage with their teams, releasing feelings of fear, engaging in the new culture creation and move to a more open, honest and transparent way of working.

Engaging Individuals

mti’s learning processes are designed around adult learning principles: autonomous and self-directing. Adults prefer to learn through experiences, skills development, insight and self-reflection.

One of our principle learning vehicles is the use of tailored simulations that reflect the business reality for participants. Each simulation is followed by in-depth behavior review by skilled coaches offering feedback that builds competence and confidence.

Our team includes business-savvy professional actors who can simulate the work environment, using authentic dialogue and building feedback cultures. They’ve helped thousands of clients prepare for and perform successfully in difficult negotiations and personal reviews.

Where possible we address multiple layers in an organization to accelerate contextual change.

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to create

the conditions in which they learn”

Albert Einstein

MTi Case Study

A global chemical company called on us to help with the development of newly appointed vice presidents around the world. These talented people had been promoted because of their content expertise but were now in leadership positions where they were overseeing knowledge experts – people who knew more than they did in their generalist roles.

To maximize impact, it was decided this should take place after six to 18 months’ experience of the new role, once people had faced new leadership challenges. They had to learn and become comfortable with the idea of leading the context more than the content and create a workplace experience where the talent around them could be – and do – their best.

Each participant was operating in different cultures with some similar, but many different, leadership challenges. With the client we agreed the best approach would be to involve participants in the design of each event.

We offered a menu of 20 leadership topics and asked each participant to rate the top five topics for their own personal development. These choices determined the final timetable. Multiple workshops – each driven by mti coaches – were offered in parallel, with participants choosing which one of three they wished to attend.

This is truly individualized engagement, from design to delivery. Each program is different, participants drive the design, yet have the added advantage of being among a group of other VPs going through similar transitions.

The mti coaches are excited by the level of commitment that content choice creates and feedback suggests participants are delighted, while the client manager is very happy too!

Engaging Our Team

Our team is a multi-talented, truly international group of people with wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise. This includes psychology, organizational behavior, strategy, IT, hospitality, performing arts and sports.

While we all bring something different to the table, we all share the same ethos. We truly believe in what we do. And that’s what makes us successful in helping companies get better by giving teams the tools to identify and resolve dilemmas.

We’re not mercenaries. Nor do we collude or massage egos in order to get, or retain, business. We all believe it is important to give direct feedback to our clients – and to each other.

Our team does not shy away from the difficult issues and we reflect current realities that need to emerge to help executive groups move forward. We are challenging and supportive of change but we confront issues, not people.

Crucially, we adjust the style and content of the programs and events that we run to achieve the desired outcome. In each individual engagement our programs stimulate authentic dialogue, resulting in improved results.

“Great things in business are never done by one person.

They are done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

European Delivery Team

Alex Villar-Hauser

Alex has a successful track record in working with leaders to measurably improve business results – by improving the quality of the conversations leaders have with each other and their people ...

He does this through leading organisational change projects for clients; by facilitating leaders in partner organisations to work with each other and by working ‘on the job’ with senior teams and individuals on ‘live’ business issues.

Alex is fluent and works with clients in English/Spanish/German/Italian. He has lived and worked in the UK/USA/ Austria/Italy/Spain. These experiences (and his Austrian/Spanish background) enable him to work with teams and individuals delivering in multi-cultural/national environments.

He is a qualified Psychological Counsellor and uses M.B.T.I., Belbin, Firo B, Appreciative Enquiry, Neuro-Linguistics. He is a Large Group Intervention specialist.

Over the last fifteen years, he has led development programmes globally through diverse thinking, innovative problem solving and agile leadership.

Mark is a qualified Executive Coach and accredited practitioner of the MBTI, FIRO-B and Hogan Leadership Inventory psychometrics.

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Ben Parker

It was in the very customer-oriented and fast-paced environment of the hospitality industry that Ben realized that without a coherent team, business suffers. He has worked in the US, the UK and Switzerland for some of the world’s leading hospitality brands in both hotel and special event management. ...

Ben specializes in leadership development, coaching and mass engagement processes. As such, he works globally, supporting executive teams in strategy implementation, organisational culture, change management and behavioural change. He has tremendous energy for coaching individuals and facilitating groups in changing their behaviour, he believes above all that behaviour is the brand and understanding this gives a competitive edge. Ben’s style of intervention is straightforward, direct and challenging but equally supportive and respectful.

Ben was born in the UK, and grew up in Switzerland. He has a BSc in International Hospitality Management from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, as well as an MSc in the Psychology of Work from the faculty of medicine and biological sciences at the University of Leicester in the UK. Ben is also a qualified user of personality tests that include the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation -Behaviour (FIRO-B) as well as Belbin Team Roles.

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Chris Parker

Chris has been practicing as a Business Psychologist for over 30 years. He is the Managing Partner of MTI; before founding MTI he was a Professor at IMD Lausanne for 10 years and at Cranfield School of Management for 10 years before that. ...

He is a registered Psychologist with the BPS, a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professional Council UK and a registered EuroPsy.

His purpose at work is to give insights and skills that will help leaders create vibrant, innovative cultures that deliver value for customers.

Chris is known for saying what needs to be said in ways that invite engagement in behavior change. His passion and humor are positively infectious and his core work on Value Building Behaviors is now practiced by thousands of leaders globally.

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Hazel Anderson-Turner

Hazel’s approach is solutions-focused, working in partnership with clients to define their desired future, explore the root causes of their challenges and facilitate sustainable and meaningful change. She combines healthy challenge with a sense of fun and inquisitiveness, delivering tailored and creative interventions using psychological theory and evidence-based practice. ...

Hazel’s focus on resilience means that the coaching relationship becomes more than creating a safe space to think, challenge and develop solutions. It is an opportunity for clients to develop and practice skills which will increase their psychological resources, enabling them to respond confidently and flexibility to both present and future leadership challenges.

Hazel is an ICF accredited coach with 13 years experience coaching groups and individuals across the Private and Public sector. Self awareness is one of the building blocks of transformational change. As an experienced practitioner Hazel works with clients to better understand their personality, behavioral preferences and relationships with others. Clients report that the depth of Hazel’s knowledge regarding psychological and leadership models have helped provide a framework to better understand themselves, the challenges they face and to identify positive ways forward.

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Liam Linacre

A creative, innovative and highly motivated self-starter, with over 20 years’ experience in organisational and individual development. Having both passion and commitment towards inspiring change, Liam is recognised for his exceptional work ethic, dependability, reliability and for thriving under pressure....

Through maximising opportunities, addressing challenges, and refining operational efficiency, Liam has created a progressive network of high performing businesses and thought leaders.

Liam has positive and inspiring relationships with clients and their employees and is comfortable delivering projects in the UK and across the world.

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Liz Margree

Liz is a business psychologist and executive coach. She specializes in the design and delivery of leadership programs; and mass engagement events.
She facilitates high performance in senior leadership team meetings and off sites. ...

In particular, her focus is in relational leadership, helping individuals to explore how they build the scope of their networks and the reach of their influence, how they can have higher quality conversations and play to their strengths.

This work takes her across industry sectors – commercial, public and cultural, and is unique in its approach, using models, methodologies and principles from the arts and psychology to help people sustain positive behaviour change. Before being a psychologist she was an actor and writer and she serves on the Board of Trustees of an international theatre company. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

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Marie Burns

Marie has worked as a Performance Specialist in Leadership and Team development for global brands, high growth new companies, resource restricted start-ups and commercially reticent creative and technology businesses. ...

She enjoys the challenge of working with complex teams including turnaround, ramp-up and start-up programmes. Marie is also a coach in the area of impact and influence, helping individuals to uncover and unravel their personal motivations and story and bring them to life!

Marie began her career as a management consultant in Eastern Europe during a time of sweeping social and economic change. Inspired by the outlook and resilience of the people she encountered she returned home to the UK in 1996 to qualify as a Chartered Psychologist.

She has worked with clients across many cultures and business sectors since then, assisting with business improvement.
As part of her own professional development Marie invests in ‘side projects’ focussed on exploring innovation, creativity and the challenges of tomorrow!

For example, she is a curator and producer of a number of international events and conferences, helping to scout for and coach undiscovered talent as well as connecting to those whose insight and ideas are already changing our world. In addition Marie is the chief learning designer at an organisation dedicated to encouraging educators and businesses to take a glimpse into the future and shape their world accordingly.

Marie now lives in Liverpool, Northern England and in her spare time enjoys backpacking, collaborative art projects and all things statistical!

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Mark Wright

Mark is a specialist in blending creativity with commercial understanding. He is passionate about designing creative leadership, team development and culture change programmes that combine innovative content with incisive facilitation. ...

As well as being a qualified MBTI and FIRO-B practitioner, Mark draws upon his diverse experience as a sculptor, canoe instructor, ski guide, and his previous role as Head of Leadership Development for Ernst & Young, in order to inform his work.

He loves to work with a wide range of commercial, social and charitable organisations, helping both individuals and teams to deliver more agile performance, better decisions and clearer solutions.

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Maureen Parker

Maureen’s work is essentially that of coordination. Working closely with the MTI team she ensures that once client needs are analysed, the different passions and personalities of the MTI team members are brought together so that the impact on the business is maximized as each new tailor-made intervention is built.

She provides a central network hub for our remote international team. ...

A teacher by profession she worked with many nationalities in the UK before opening a Language School in Lausanne Switzerland which she ran for seven years before taking over the coordination role in MTI.

A combination of teaching and wide ranging administrative experience means that Maureen can coordinate with an understanding of the needs of the learning environment.

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Philippe Graf

Swiss born Philippe Graf has been studying human motivation through martial arts and martial arts mind/ body philosophy since 1978. Starting with Judo he then spent time with Ju-Jitsu, Karate and Aikido studying the relationship between human energy and movement in Aikido. ...

Philippe discovered the field of Seitai. Seitai’s foundation is in oriental mind body patterns and structures coupled with modern neurology and anatomy.

As a Seitai Professor of 10 years Philippe has been helping executives, athletes and sports men and women achieve their potential with deep self understanding of mind body interactions. Philippe has worked in Leadership Development Programs for multi nationals with MTI and other consultancies since 1996, working with hundreds of executives and executive teams.

Philippe holds a Master’s Degree in intervention Psychology from the University of Valencia (Spain) and a B.A. in Hotel Management from, École Hôtelière de Lausanne, he is also a certified coach in DBM (Developmental Behaviour Modelling), NLP and Eriksonian therapeutic hypnosis.

His main area of interest is the study of patterns in human reactions triggered by physical attributes gesture, posture, ways of walking etc.
These patterns indicate the energy distribution for an individual and once understood can be used as powerful levers to manage energy in private and professional life.

Philippe lives between Villars Switzerland, Ibiza and Quebec.

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Steph Vidal Hall

Steph Vidal-Hall is a Time to Think Coach & Facilitator, offering frameworks in which to think for ourselves. She specialises in facilitating teams through points of challenge and transition, coaching leaders to lead effectively through Transformational Meetings, and coaching individuals to develop their resilience and achieve their potential....

She has worked in learning and development throughout her career, holds an MA in Teaching and Learning, is an accredited Action Learning Facilitator, and specialises in working with populations under-represented in organisational leadership. Steph is passionate about writing and brings her experience as a literary festival facilitator to Q&As for senior leaders.

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Sharon McBroom

Sharon holds a first degree in Business Management and a recent Masters degree in Psychology. She combines a wealth of corporate experience – having worked for 15 years in marketing roles with iconic brands such as Shell UK, British Airways and Le Meridien Hotels – with senior commercial experience within the hospitality industry, including a board position as a marketing director....

She focuses on executive and team coaching to support individual leaders build strategic organisational and culture change. Sharon’s specialities include personal and leadership development, executive individual and team coaching with both senior leadership and smaller teams, in addition to improving team performance through behavioural observation and feedback.

She is a member of the British Psychological Society and is accredited in the FIRO-B psychometric tool.

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